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  • CEDIA 2015 Show Report and Photo Slideshow

    Check out the Home Theater Review report from CEDIA Expo in Dallas for the latest and hottest products in the electronic industry.

    As the saying goes, everything’s big in Texas. So it’s only fitting that this year’s CEDIA Expo, located in Dallas, saw meaningful growth in both exhibitors and attendees. According to CEDIA, attendance was up 16 percent over last year’s show in Denver, and the number of exhibiting manufacturers rose six percent. Perhaps more significant is that the number of first-time attendees was up 33 percent, and 124 exhibitors were making their CEDIA debut. This speaks positively about the health of an industry that took quite a beating during the recession but is now on the mend and showing signs of growth.

    Source: CEDIA 2015 Show Report and Photo Slideshow

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